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Chris Holmes (She/Her), MFT, License #MFC 33384

Chris Holmes is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who works with adults experiencing a variety of possible issues to include anxiety, depression, grief, work difficulties and women’s issues. In couples work, Chris enjoys helping her clients develop better communication skills to encourage intimacy and mutual respect.

With over 25 years of education and experience, Chris has developed a variety of treatment approaches to fit her clients’ unique needs. Among the therapeutic techniques are Insight and Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, Guided Visual Imagery/Meditation and Art Therapy.

She offers her experience as a child therapist and school counselor in her role as a Parenting Consultant, and in Co-Parenting sessions for divorced couples.

Current and returning clients may contact Chris at 510-230-0150.


Debra L. Puryear, PhD, License #PSY 9002

Dr. Puryear has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 1985. Her specialties include conducting psychotherapy with military dependents and active duty personnel; women’s and men’s issues; adolescent-parent interaction; couples and family therapy.

Through using therapeutic techniques such as psychodynamic/insight-oriented therapy, cognitive behavioral/solution-focused therapy and family systems therapy, Dr. Puryear helps people find alternative ways to understanding themselves and others. She has been with CCA since 1988.

Current and returning clients may contact Debra at 510-457-1397.

Emily Muse (She/Them), PsyD, License #PSY 20619

Emily Muse is a licensed psychologist who welcomes people of all ages in her practice. She helps individuals and families eliminate difficult behavior patterns and re-establish healthy relationships. Her background includes 20 years working with children, teens, and families in elementary schools, high schools, group homes, probation, and substance abuse treatment. Since joining CCA, her work has been enriched by working with clients across the lifespan. 

Emily has extensive experience in helping people cope and recover from traumatic experiences and life changes. Trained in narrative therapy, Emily helps people to look at their lives with compassion and honesty to create more positive futures for themselves. Her specialties are treating trauma, depression, anxiety, attention issues, identity and life changes. With children and youth, Emily incorporates art and play in the therapy. She also teaches mindfulness, an adjunct to therapy, which helps decrease stress and increase well being.

Current and returning clients may contact Emily at 510-473-2033.


Taryn Propersi (She/Her), LCSW, License #LCSW 28823

Taryn Propersi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who practices a strengths based approach in her work with individuals and families. She utilizes motivational interviewing techniques to help people become empowered and reach their goals.

Taryn has treated children and adults of all ages and is informed by her training that ranges from play therapy to problem solving therapy. Taryn worked with children and families in school systems for five years prior to working with adults and older adults for the last six years. Her areas of specialty include addiction, trauma, grief and loss, work with military veterans, and co-occuring mood and anxiety disorders.

Taryn enjoys helping people improve their lives through increasing their insight, awareness, and abilities to cope with life's stressors.

Current and returning clients may contact Taryn at 510-343-6317.


Elana Guy (She/Her), PsyD, License #PSY 25374

Elana Guy is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 10 years experience practicing therapy. She enjoys working with teenagers, adults, couples and families. Elana offers a down-to-earth, warm and thoughtful approach to working in collaboration with her clients. She believes that through introspection, non-judgmental curiosity and compassion for oneself, movement and growth can take place. Elana's therapeutic style is strength based and psychodynamically informed. Her specialities include life transitions, anxiety, depression, identity development and self-esteem, postpartum depression and infant bonding. Elana welcomes people of all diverse ethnicities, cultures, gender identity and sexual orientation.
Elana attended the Wright Institute where she received her Psy.D. degree. While in training she worked with various types of clients including; elementary school children in the Oakland public schools, caregivers and their babies in dyadic- therapy, adults, couples and families in Kaiser Permanente’s behavioral medicine and chemical dependency  programs. Previous to joining CCA Elana worked with chronically ill older adults at Highland Hospital.

Elana's private pay fee is $200/ session. She also accepts Medicare and TRICARE insurance. Current and returning clients may contact Elana at 510-600-3734.


Cindy Pile (She/Her), MDiv, LMFT, License #LMFT 120699


Would you like to feel calm, safe and ready to face life’s challenges? I can help.


Cindy Pile is a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in helping tweens, teens and adults heal from trauma, especially sexual abuse and assault, and anxiety, and assists women in navigating mid-life transitions. Cindy’s background is in somatic, or body-based, psychology; her approach holistic, seeking to engage your body, mind and spirit in the therapeutic process. Cindy works with you to calm and reassure all parts of your being. She can teach you practices that will help your body relax. She also uses Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to reprocess traumatic memories so they are less disturbing and install positive resources.  


Cindy uses mindfulness and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy in order to disrupt worries and negative thought patterns that contribute to your suffering, as well as expressive arts to tap into your imagination and playfulness.

Cindy is currently forming an Online Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault. This 8-week support group uses a curriculum developed by Kristin Long, LMFT, and is open to all self-identified women. Cost is $75/session. Several insurances plan are accepted. For more info and to see if the group would be a good fit, contact Cindy.

Cindy hopes to help you become your fullest, most glorious self.


You can reach Cindy at (510) 806-8119.


Sage Williams (He/Him), LMFT, SEP, License # LMFT 122154


I’m an unapologetically Black, queer, trans (he/him), LMFT, certified Somatic Experiencing practitioner, professor, and consultant.  I practice in Oakland and Alameda, CA and work with various populations, primarily the LGBTQIA+ with specialty focus on transgender bodies and transgender minds.  I believe in life equity, love equity, and a true understanding of what it means to be you in this world. 
Some of my work explores concerns through a social justice, and *gender resistance and abolition lens.  This means that the perceived gender expectations placed on you are challenged and liberated so your own idea of how you walk this world is honored.  This means that regardless of who you are, you can become aware of the nuanced ways in which you perform these gender expectations. These performances lead to burnout, exhaustion, illness, and overall instability.   Body-mind work builds on the deeper knowledge that your body-mind intuitively speaks to you so you can resist maladaptive influences.  It is with hope to open your body-mind to hear and live a more authentic way of being.


I am currently only accepting cash clients for daytime hours.  I have no more appointment slots available for insured clients.   If need be, you can be put on a waitlist for services with me however it may be a generous time before I have any openings.  Please contact me if you have any questions.   



Lesley Hilp (She/Her), LMFT, License #115706 


Lesley Hilp is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with six years of experience working with children, families, couples and teenagers.  She has  worked in community based health and has collaborated with individuals and families on coping with issues such as depression, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, parenting challenges, anxiety, substance abuse, setting boundaries and building autonomy, confidence and resilience.

Her philosophy to therapy is client centered, focusing on building trust, rapport and emotional safety within the therapeutic space. Her  aim is to create an open and warm environment where individuals feel comfortable and safe to freely express themselves.  She believes the primary agents of change are self-compassion, awareness, affect regulation and resiliency. Lesley has experience in child centered attachment therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Psychodynamic therapy and Mindfulness approaches  to support individuals to build autonomy, and increase internal resources. 


Clients may contact Lesley at 510 592 7248.


Annie Keilman (She/Her), LCSW, License #LCSW 88539


Annie Keilman is a licensed clinical social worker who brings warmth and humor to her therapy practice. She works with adults looking to improve their relationships and overall well-being, with a particular focus on caregivers and people working in caring professions, expectant and new parents, and those grieving a loved one through loss, addiction, or mental illness. 


Annie draws on years of experience in mental health in psychiatric and medical settings to inform her therapy practice. From NICU families to hospice families to people hospitalized against their will, she’s helped individuals and families from diverse backgrounds navigate often oppressive medical systems while offering them comfort and psychological tools to work through their time of crisis. She draws from cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and systems theory, as well as philosophy and neuroscience to tailor therapy to the individual within the context of family, societal, and physiological systems at play. 


Annie sees clients in-person or remotely by phone, with the initial appointment in-person or over video. She works both in a time-limited format of 8-12 sessions as well as longer therapy, depending on client needs.


Current and returning clients can reach Annie at (510) 463-4110.

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