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a Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling Corporation

Welcome to CCA

We are currently offering mental health services in person and/ or through telehealth (phone or video). To request therapy services, please go to the Contact page and submit the Request for Services form. The information entered on the form will help us contact you.

Helping people grow since 1979

California Counseling Associates (CCA) is a group practice of eight psychotherapists: psychologists, social workers and MFT's. Serving Alameda and the surrounding East Bay communities for over 40 years, CCA offers psychotherapy and counseling for individual children, adolescents and adults, as well as counseling for couples and families. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to our practice. 


We believe that psychotherapy helps people grow and change.  Every stage of life contains potential challenges or conflicts that can be difficult to manage. These conflicts can leave people feeling confused about the choices they need to make, and can affect an individual’s ability to conduct meaningful, satisfying relationships with others.


In therapy, we join clients in finding successful answers to these challenges, helping to improve relationships, to enhance personal growth, and to develop more fulfilling answers to difficult problems. 

Our aim is to match you with a therapist who can help you reach goals of reducing distress, developing relationships and promoting a healthier life.

Our Mission

We provide a caring, supportive space for people to heal emotional suffering and make change in themselves and their relationships.


We recognize that a lack of equal justice is real, unacceptable, and causes deep harm and lasting trauma. As mental health professionals we understand that trauma cannot be healed unless it is acknowledged and named. We know that real change is not achieved without discomfort and we hope that our nation is willing to begin the process of reckoning with our long history of racial injustice. 


We believe none of us are truly safe until we are all safe. Because we have been honored to hear many of your stories, we know that each of us carries both pain and hope, and that each of us wants to live in safety and peace.  We wish that for each of you, and for everyone. 

CCA provides therapeutic help for such concerns as:​

Adolescent Conflicts



Attention Difficulties

Children’s Behavioral and Emotional Development


Eating Disorders

Grief and Loss

LGBTQ Issues 


Low Self Esteem

Obsessive Thoughts, Compulsions


Personal Growth and Development

Post-Traumatic Stress

Relationship Concerns and Conflicts

Self Harm and Self Injury

Substance Abuse, Co-Dependency, Recovery

Transitions (Divorce, Retirement)

Work-Related Stress

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